Best Racing Game For PS4

dirt rally

Best Racing Game For PS4

On the market for Best Racing Game For PS4? Then this article is written exclusively for you. Yes, I think we can all agree with my sentiment that regardless of what your personal preferences are, all of us have the need for speed.

But the difference is, majority of us do not act on it. The fact that we do not have 9 lives like cats being one of the most commonly cited reasons why we steer clear from it altogether. But that is not to say that we must also avoid racing matches on our PS4.

Racing games can be so much fun. We get to choose our favorite car and race without having to worry about collisions and injuring ourselves. But it is only if we are playing a good quality and compelling racing game.

Being someone who has been playing games after another, we can be extremely picky about our games. If you are one of those people, don’t worry. We have gotten you a list of the Best Racing Game For PS4 to help you get started.

Best Racing Game For PS4: Dirt Raly

If you have ever given some of its previous racing games in the past, you will quickly be in awe the moment you start playing this latest update. With its final release finally came to both Xbox One and PS4, Dirt Raly boasts incredibly stunning terrains and surroundings, more elaborate scenarios.

From the green and beautiful mountainsides of what looks like Greece, gorgeous rolling hills which are highly associated with Finland, and gloomy and cloudy alley we often see in Wales. This intricately designed racing environments are nothing short of incredible.

But enough with the display talk, now let’s find the reason why this incredible game is on the top of the list. If you are looking for a challenge, you will find plenty of fun challenges in the game. The game developer has stripped any trace of modern features in the vehicle and only left us with a co-driver to help us on our way. With no GPS maps, and other features, your skills are truly tested. And even then, you will realize that the twist-and-turns along with the speed, doesn’t make them that much of a help.

project cars 2

Best Racing Game For PS4: Project Cars II

This racing game is that game series that get better each release, it is so good to the point you cannot even imagine to go back playing the previous series. Project Cars II has an elegantly improved selection of cars and also boasts a wide range of track selections along with dynamic weather and time for each of the track. Not only that, its sound is even more remarkable now – making the gaming experience so much better.

Another thing worth noting about the Project Cars II is that it comes with an excellent handling now. It does not matter if you are playing it on a pad or on a wheel, the sensation of controlled slide, sharp turn, immediate grip and many more are as realistic as it can be – making it one of the Best Racing Game For PS4.